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The Haunted Chronicles Links

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Fact or Fiction
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Spooky sites with webcams
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Tours & Vacation Ideas
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Come and Take a Ghost Tour of Fort Lauderdale.
Fort Lauderdale Ghost Tour
See Haunted Fort Lauderdale
My Personel Ghost Story on Webtv - The Haunted Chronicles 1
John M. Carr's
Personel Hauntings
On his new site!
John M. Carr's Paranormal Zone
John M. Carr
Paranormal Zone 2

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Ghost Stories
Wanna read something SCARY?
Shut off the lights and close the door
and read the stories on the links below.
We will add more links when we find them,
so be sure to come back for more.

Warning: The Haunted Chronicles takes no resposiblity for any frightening experience. If you have a weak heart....Beware!!!

My Own True Ghost Story!

Stories to Scare you!!!!
Villisca: Living With A Mystery
On June 10, 1912 a small rural Midwestern community a horrible murder took place. Now it's haunted.
The Borley Rectory
Borley Rectory - The Most Haunted House in England, 1863-1939.
Things that go bump in the night.
Site devoted to Ghost Stories.
Linda Linn's Kentucky Home and Ghost Stories
Ghost Stories of Kentucky and Tennessee.
Castle Of Spirits
American Ghosts
The American Ghosts web site is an ever-growing compendium of haunted locations around the United States.
Dark New Orleans
Find your ghost in the Cresant City's Scariest Places.
Mansfield Reformatory
One of the oldest prisons and home of the Shawshank Redemsion, even offer a ghost hunt.
Obiwan-Free Paranormal Pages
This guy has been around since 1994, and his pages gets better with age.
All about Ghosts
Read stories contributed by those who email them to this site.
Castle of
True Ghost Stories Home of the Original Australian Ghost Hunters Society (AGHS)
Ghost Towns and other haunts
Old May's web-site thate sheds light on Ghost towns and famous haunts.
Creepy Cleveland
Stories of Cleveland, Ohio's most haunted places.
Here at ScaryPlace, we explore many faces of fear and fascination.
The Unexplained
This site is for those who have experienced or believe in "The Unexplained World" of the paranormal.
Welcome to Haunted Ontario, a collection of the most haunted places in Ontario.

The Haunted Chronicles 1, The Haunting of John M. Carr

SEFGR-South East Ghost Research

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