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Your Guide For The Tour
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Your Guide for the Tour
Come and Take a Ghost Tour of Fort Lauderdale.
Fort Lauderdale Ghost Tour
See Haunted Fort Lauderdale
The Haunted Chronicles 1, The Haunting of John M. Carr
On his new site!

John M. Carr, The Paranormal Zone
John M. Carr
Paranormal Zone 2

Come and Take a Ghost Tour of Fort Lauderdale.
Fort Lauderdale Ghost Tour
See Haunted Fort Lauderdale

Haunted Tours in the United States

Fort Lauderdale, FL
From Stylish Las Olas, take a walking tour along the Historical New River & see the Haunted Fort Lauderdale.
San Antonio, TX
The Alamo, The Menger Hotel, Hertzberg Circus Museum, Jose Antonio Navarro House, The Spanish Governor's Palace, Alamo Street Theatre and Milam Square.
KeyWest, Fl
KeyWest Cemetery, The Audobon House, The Artisan House, Hard Rock Cafe & Much More. I've been on this tour and it was "Great".
Alton, ILL
Candle Light Tours of Altons most haunted places.
New Orleans, LA
Haunted History Tour of New Orleans. If you've seen my website, "Ghost of New Orleans", this is a must if you are in New Orleans. Bring a guest, just to hold on too. Great Tour.
Savannah, GA
Kehoe house, Hampton-Lillibridge house, The Owens-Thomas house and much more.
Mount Carrol, ILL
Ravens Grin Inn, A real haunted house and amusement park ride all in one. You got to see to believe. Tell Jim that "The Haunted Chronicles" sent ya!
Orlando, FL
Ghost Tour of Orlando is a walking tour by lantern through Downtown Orlando's Most Haunted spots. I've taken the tour and it's very good. Tell them that , "The Haunted Chronicles" sent ya!
Cape May, NJ
Seasonal Tours of South Jerseys Haunted Cape May. Again, tell them "The Haunted Chronicles" sent ya.
St. Augustine, FL
4 Candle Lite Tours of St. Augustines most haunted places.
Fell's Point (Baltimore), Maryland
Seasonal Tours of Fell's Point in Baltimore, Maryland
Philadelphia, PA , Ocean City, NJ, Lanceaster, PA & Lizzie Lincoln House (Birdsboro) PA
Ghost Tours. Com got the Bi-state tour for you.
Eureka, AK
Eureka Springs Ghost Tours. 2 Tours available, The Cresant Hotel and Eureka Springs Cemetery.
Parkersburg, WV
Seasonal Tours of Walking tour of Parkersburg's Haunted Spots.
Charleston, SC
From Cival War Tours to Historic Homes, these weekend tours beckons for you.
St. Simon, GA
Tour Georgia's Haunted Island, St. Simon.
Gettysburg, Adams County, PA
From Church Cemetery to Candlelight Ghost Walks.
Austin, TX
From Serial Killers, Pub Crawls and Cemetery Tours.
Gettysburg, PA
From Baltimore Street to Seminay Ridge, Haunted Gettysburg waits for you.
Daytona, FL
Haunts of the World's Most Famous Beach. Why is our Tour Different? This is the only tour around that is owned and operated by certified ghost hunters. The blend of science and folklore makes us unique. Bring your cameras and see if you can capture some paranormal activity. A portion of all proceeds goes to cemetery preservation & restoration, and to research.
The Haunted Chronicles 1, The Haunting of John M. Carr

SEFGR-South East Ghost Research

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