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Tours & Vacation Ideas
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Come and Take a Ghost Tour of Fort Lauderdale.
Fort Lauderdale Ghost Tour
See Haunted Fort Lauderdale

The Haunted Chronicles 1, The Haunting of John M. Carr
On his new site!
John M. Carr's, The Paranormal Zone
John M. Carr
Paranormal Zone 2

The Haunted Chronicles II
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Research Groups

International Ghost Hunters Society
Researchers on the go. Recreational Vehicle Newsletters of their journeys and expertise. Very Informative.
The Paranormal Network
Official website of Lloyd Auerbach, Paranormal Investigator, Writer, and host of many documentaries about Ghost Research.
SPR- Society for Psychical Research
United Kingdom Group who research Ghost, Paranormal and Strange Occurances.
Philadelphia Ghost Hunters Alliance
Paranormal Investigators and Researchersspecific to Philadelphia, serving Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey.
Phoenix Paranormal Investions
U.K. Group devoted to Paranormal Research and Investigations.
City West- SPIritual Research and Investigation Team
Website of former members of Australian Ghost Hunters, Investigators of Ghosts, Hauntings and the Paranormal.
PRISM Team - Paranormal Research Investigations
PRISM is a group of people who are interested in the serious study of the paranormal.
Victoria Ghost Trackers
Australian Group who conduct research and gather information on Ghosts and the Paranormal
The Avalon Foundation
Since 1996, research has been conducted into cases of paranormal activity. The purpose has been to accumulate data, field test new research instruments and techniques.
Utah Ghost Haunters Society
Paranormal Investigators located in Utah.
Lincolnshire Ghost Finders
U.K. based group who have their own show on BBC
California Society For Ghost Research
It is the mission of the California Society for Ghost Research (CSGR), to investigate and research supernatural phenomena within, but not limited to, the state of California.
Central Kentucky Ghost Research Investigators
Connecticut Paranormal Research Society
El Paso Ghost Researchers
Evansville Ghost Research
We are a Local group here in Evansville Indiana. We have been researching the Evansville area for a year.
Southern Ghost Research Network
Links page to Southern Ghost Research Teams
Ghost Reasearch Foundation
The Ghost Research Foundation offers information, investigation facts, tips, stories and help for those interested in the paranormal.
Ghost Watch U.K.
U.K. based Ghost Research Team
Ghost Research, Evidence, and Discussion.
Toronto Ghosts Researcher
Canadian, Toronto based Ghost Researchers
Grand Rapids Ghost Hunter's Society
Kentucky Society For Ghost Research
Maryland Ghost & Spirit Association
Maryland based Group of Researchers
Maine Ghost Hunters Association
North Florida Paranormal, Inc.
South Florida Paranormal Research
Ohio Ghost Researchers
Paranormal Investigators of Northern Ohio
Paranormal Activity Investigation Group in the State of Virginia
Seven Paranormal Researchers
North Carolina Paranormal Research Team
Scientific Ghost Research Lab
Shadows of Chicago Ghost Research
American Ghost Society Representatives for the Chicagoland Area
South Jersey Ghost Research
We will assist anyone in New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware and NYC. SJGR assists anyone in need of our services for free.
South Jersey Ghost Research for Kids
Teaching the young how to do Ghost Research in South Jersey.
South East Michigan Ghost Hunter Society
Southwest Paranormal Investigators
We are based in El Paso, Texas, but encourage people from all over the world to join and share their experiences!
The Mon Valley Ghost Research Society
Southwestern P.A. Group
Bermuda Society of Paranormal Research
Bermuda based group bridging those who are afraid of Ghosts.
Tennesse Ghost Hunters
While our ghost hunts and investigations focus on the dark and bloody ground known as Tennessee, our quest for information is universal.
Virginia Science Research
Leesburg V.A. based Group
Wisconsin Ghost Investigators
Wisconsin Ghost Investigations (WGI) is a ghost research group that serves Greater Wisconsin in ghost research, investigations and support.
Daytona Beach Paranormal Research Group, Inc.
Covering the Northern Florida Area. DBPRG, Inc. have acctive researches and have past researches online. Check them out.
S.E.F.G.R. - South East Florida Ghost Research
Our very own Creator of "The Haunted Chronicles" Research Group in Fort Lauderdale, Fl
SEWPI- Racine WI
South East Wisconsin Paranormal Investigations. Our Mission is to investigate and document paranormal events in a scientific AND non-scientific manner, without prejudice, and to utilize that knowledge
Spirit Investigations- Jacksonville, FL
We are a paranormal team based out of Jacksonville, FL. Our main focus is in the NE Florida area however we do venture out of NE Florida on numerous occasions, especially to St Augustine, FL and to SE Georgia and other parts of Florida when needed.

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Fort Lauderdale Ghosts Research, evidence, and discussion.
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Palm Beach Ghosts Research, evidence, and discussion.
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Miami Ghosts Research, evidence, and discussion.
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SFPR-Research, evidence, and discussion.
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Spirit Investigations, Jacksonville,Fl

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South East Wesconsin Paranormal Investigations

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Ghosts of New Orleans Haunted Colonial Williamsburg

The Haunted Chronicles 1, The Haunting of John M. Carr