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Spooky sites with webcams
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Come and Take a Ghost Tour of Fort Lauderdale.
Fort Lauderdale Ghost Tour
See Haunted Fort Lauderdale
The Haunted Chronicles 1, The Haunting of John M. Carr
The Haunted Chronicles 1
on his new site!

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John M. Carr
Paranormal Zone

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The Haunted Chronicles II
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Ghostly Webcams
Bringing you the best in Haunted Entertainment

Internet Cams of Actual Hauntings

List of Ghost Cams

Willard Library Ghost Cams
Willard Library has been serving the river city of Evansville, Indiana since it opened its doors back in 1885. It's said to be one of the most haunted Libraries in the U.S.A.
Ghost Cams of Ireland Ghost Watch
BBCi Ghost Cam- Wierd Site
Ghost Cam of Llancaiach Fawr Manor near Caerphilly.
June Houston's Ghost Cam
June say she has ghost that keep her up at night. She has one under her bed, in her basement and down hallways.
David Halloween Cams
List of Ghost Cams
South East Whales Ghost Cam
BBC's Ghost Cam in S.E. Whales
Evansville Library
Haunted Library in Evansville
Different Ghost Cam that in Investigating.
Queen Mary I Ghost Cam
You must agree, & give permission to use this Ghost Cam.
Haunted Hinckley Library & More
Ghost Cam of Haunted Adbandon Hospital
Ghost Cam of Haunted House
Ghost Cam of Haunted Backyard?
20 Ghost Cams on Different Sites!

The Haunted Chronicles 1, The Haunting of John M. Carr

SEFGR-South East Ghost Research

Ghosts of New Orleans