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Flagler Mansion Investigation

Henry Flager's History
Whitehall Investigation

The Investigation

  • EMF readings were quite normal throughout the mansion. We did get some paranormal happening in the upstair bedroom area. We would hear a thump, thump, thump. We noticed a mirror in the "Opera Singer's Room". Moving off the wall and banging against the wall, on it's own.
  • Office area hallway EMF readings increased to a 6 milligauss. We would hear footstep on the walk way, but no person walking by.
  • Railroad Car in back of Whitehall had moving EMF's. There is no electric going to the car, but we got readings that would move around the car. Even the small bathroom, in the middle of the car, would have high readings of above 10 milligauss. The car seems to have more than one entity inside. I guess Henry brought some guest with him on the railroad car.

Upstairs Guest Bedroom.
A Opera Singer would stay in this room from time to time.

Thump, Thump, Thump.
The mirror would come off the wall, about an inch, and bang. It happen 3 times.

Flagler's Private Railcar
Henry would travel in this car along the Oversea's Railway to Key West.

Chair in Railcar
EMF reading of 5 to 6 Milligauss

Sleeping Quaters
Small area where staff would sleep. EMF readings 8 - 10 milligauss.

Railcar bathroom
This we find strange. EMF readings 8 to off the chart.
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