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Haunted Key West Ghost Tour

The Marrero Guest Mansion
The Artist House/Robert the Doll
The Audubon House/ Captain Geiger Home
Other Haunts of Key West
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Key West Ghost Tour
This is your tour guide. Her name is Darlene. She was great. Very informative and very funny. We'll take a walk and show you some of the haunted sites of Key West.
I do suggest, that if you go to Key West, take the tour. It's much better than seeing some of it on this website.

As we navigate through the streets of Key West, Darlene was sure we all made it safe through the busy streets. If any one would laugh or heckle us from on coming traffic, she would make us say, "Doom!!!" to those who bothered us.
Darlene had us rolling, she's quite the character and could put a hex on all drunks and weirdo we might encounter. Please ask for her on your tour.


Key West Original Ghost Tour
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