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Haunting at Medical Office

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On February 14th 2010, SEFGR conducted an investigation at a Fort Lauderdale Medical Office that is attached to a hospital. The building is only 15 years old and rarely there is a death that occurs at these medical offices.
This one office was having problems that was of a paranormal nature.
  • Phone calls from conference room extention that have no person at the other end of call and extention line. All that is heard is a slamming of a medical records binder to a desk, then the call is hung up.
  • Incidents of people who are in the restroom have the door knobs shake like someone wanting to get into the bathroom. This occurs in the early morning, when there is no patients and little to no staff.
  • The sound of male voice saying, "get out" from the check out station during the closing time of the office.
  • Strange noises coming from blood drawing station


The investigation was for 3 hours and was very successful.
We communicated with 2 spirits of former employees of that medical office.
Male #1 spirit- Died /not at the location
Male #2 spirit- Died/not at the location
We also have evidence of female spirit that is unknown.