Orbs were everywhere. They were intelligent, and moved in patterns unlike dust. There was unusual ones that seemed to be connected to each other. Then there was times we were able to ask for them to come in, and they would line up for photos.
Here are some of the pictures.
Click them for enlarged viewing.

John's picture of Frank Stranahan's suicide site.
This orb will not leave the area. It's been photographed many time before in different parts.

Here it is on the second investigation.
It was about 45 days after the first investigation. To the right of metal pole.

John snaps picture, Tim Patton taking Laser Temps.
Orb hovers around his back on the stairs. Lacey and Chris pick up EMF readings.

Chris takes picture of John dousing for EMF's.
They cross right over an orb that hover over a seat in the hallway near stairs.

During second EVP session, orbs entered.
Chris took this picture, when Mark Lewis sensed them behind him.

Orb descending the Staircase of the Stranahan.
Marlene of FPR was seeing a vision of a man in a Panama Hat. John Carr took this picture of Orb.

2 orbs connected, maybe Pink and baby?
Lacey Fox took this picture of these 2 orbs. She feels that it's Pink and her baby.

The Stranahan House

Our Evidence

The History of the Stranahan House | Video | The Investigation | Our Evidence

This is only some of the evidence we collected.

The First Investigation...
  • In Hallway, around the stairwell.
  • In the Gift Shop Area.
  • In the Master Bedroom.
  • In the bathroom, upstairs.


The Second Investigation....
  • In the same hallway, around the stairs.
  • In the Master Bedroom, on the Dresses hang on the closet.
  • On the stairs.
  • In the Gift Shop.
  • In the Livingroom Parlor.

We did note the areas which had faulty wiring. There was an area around the Dining room which gave off a EMF reading of 6-8 milligauss. It was determine it was a electrical box that was rewired during a reconstruction of the room.
All other EMF's were moving, or were in areas where there was no explaination of the Electronic Magnetic Fields.  Ie, dresses, ceramic birds.  Remember, after locating a EMF, pictures were taken. Orbs were always accompanied by these events.

Strange Pictures
Shadows and Ectoplasm is some of the stranger phenomena that occurred during the investigation. We were very pleased that we got these.

Ectoplasm fog enters the room.
You could see the orb inside of the fog like phenomena.

Picture in Negative form for better viewing.
Click on for enlarged view. Look at window at lower right.

Close up of same picture.
Here you can see the outline of a man's suit in white. We circled the image.

Investigation #3, Frank's Orb is still there!
Faint but right in the middle, (click on picture for larger view)

On our first investigation, Lacey Fox had the most EVP's on her analog tape recorder.  We took those EVP's and screened them through our MAGIX editing software. Here is what we got....
  • During the investigations, a book fell off the shelf of the Gift Shop. Well, fell is not quite what it did, it flew out and then down. Out about 2 feet and down to the floor.  John Carr was downstairs collecting his some of his equipment and checking the video. He asked, "Did somebody fall?". Upon playback of Lacey's tape we got this young girls voice saying, "Meee".

  • Then we had a child entity play with her audio recorder.

Investigation #2
On the second investigation, we caught our first EVP within the first 10 minutes. This was caught by Mark Lewis on his Mp3 recorder.

  • Mark Lewis caught this woman's voice, saying, "oh, my" as he commented on how the place was decorated.

The group did 2 round robin EVP sessions.
Here is what we got.

  • John Carr got this EVP of Mark feeling the entity saying it's concern and Albert repeats his message twice, "Why is he talking to us?"

Investigation #3
  • John Carr caught this on his Digital Recorder. We called on the spirit of "Pink", Ivy's sister. She answered with a "I'm Here"!

  • We were saying the "Lord's Prayer", trying to help the spirits through a portal we made by our prayers. You here a man's voice say......"You need Sufferage!"

  • John Carr, caught this, after the question of ...Is Albert in the Room?  A spirit whisper is heard on his Digital Recorder...."Help Me".

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