Henry E. Kinney Tunnel Investigation

History of Tunnel
The Investigation
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Haunted Henry E. Kinney
Tunnel that intersects, US1 and Las Olas Blvd.

History about the tunnel...

  • Before the tunnel, there was a 2 lane draw bridge that would take 45 minutes to get from Broward Boulevard to the opposite side of the tunnel, which is  SE 6th. Street.
  • In 1956, Henry E. Kinney, a journalist for "The Herald", started a petition to get a tunnel built under the New River/ Himmarshee.
  • In November of 1956,  A vote was done, and the protunnel group won, 7008 to 6,401.
  • In August of 1958, construction of the new tunnel began.
  • The Stranahan House is the only structure/building that the tunnel has to support. Besides the road, Las Olas Blvd and it's cars.
  • In December 9th, 1960, completetion of the tunnel and was open to traffic. The ribbon was cut by Governor LeRoy Collins. At a cost of 6.6 million dollars. 
  • When the tunnel was opened, it was called, "The New River Tunnel".
  • In July 1985, Henry E. Kinney died.
  • In a Legislative Session, in 1986, the tunnel name was changed to Henry E. Kinney. Dedicated to the man who lead the protunnel group.
  • In the Summer 2001, the tunnel was closed at night to fix leaks, that have been a ongoing since first discovered in 1986.

First called, "The New River Tunnel".
Now the "Henry E. Kenney Tunnel", It was closed down at night in the Summmer of 2001, to fix leaks.

Since the death of Henry E. Kinney, citizens of the Downtown Fort Lauderdale Area has been reporting a on going haunting, with conflicting views.

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