Henry E. Kinney Tunnel Investigation

History of Tunnel
The Investigation
Orbs in Tunnel

The Investigation

The investigation was a joint effort paranormal research groups. SEFGR, PORTAL and Miami Ghosts were networking to do this project. On August 27th, at 11:30 p.m., we began our research.

I marked an orb that we caught at the entrance of the tunnel.

People have been reporting a man in a Brown Suit and a Derby Hat. Well, I don't see a Derby Hat, but here is what I got during my approach to the tunnel entrance.


Shadow of Man in Tunnel
You can see an outline of him faintly.

Here it is in Negative form.
You can see it alittle better like this.

Here the original picture, before close ups.
You can't hardly see it like this.

There was more than one shadow caught
in the tunnel that night. Here is another one.

Another Shadow in Tunnel
Notice it's arm up, ready to grab the rail.

I put an outline to see better.
It's a yellowish glow, like the first shadow.

The shadow appears like it has a turban on.
There has been reports of Seminole like figures dashing through the tunnel as well.

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