The Stranahan House

The Investigation

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SEFGR, Portal & Miami Ghosts investigates The Stranahan House.

The Investigation & who was a part of it.

On September 24th and November 12th, the joint effort of the investigations of this location was done.  We've heard some of the stories of what other investigations have found.  The Stanahan House invited us to do the investigation, to get a more thorough report, than it's previous investigations by other teams.
Chris Rodriguez of Portal, lead our investigation. We were helped by an Empath, Mark Lewis, who helped us in finding areas to photograph and clue us in on the emotional energies that are in the house. Helping Portal was Lacey Fox, who had previously investigated the house with another paranormal investigation group. Marlene Pardo of Miami Ghosts Chronicles and Florida Paranormal Research Foundation was there to lend support. SEFGR's  John M. Carr, was to help in assisting with extra equiptment and help in the investigations as well. Timmy D. Patton of SEFGR, joined us in the second investigation.

Since 2002 to 2009, SEFGR -SouthEast Florida Ghost Research was the official Paranormal Ivestigation Team to make the Stranahan House the 4th most haunted house in Florida. This is due to the amount of evidence collected in every investigation that we've conducted.

Our Evidence
  • EVP's- The Stranahan House is haunted by multiple entities. We've   captured, female voices, male voices and children voice. The reason for the second investigations was to get better EVP's  and we did.
  • EMF's- Electronic Magnetic Fields were in the most unusual spots. These EMF's would move around, dissappear and relocate in different spots of the room. When we did encounter a EMF, we would have someone take a picture of us. It's funny, we would never expect for Orbs to be on the ceiling. Here we are thinking it's in front of us, yet it's on top of us. Dousing for EMF's was the same, moving entities, that had a will of there own. If we would ask them to come to us, they would. Some would want to run away and we would ask them to stay and like Simon says, they would stay.
  • Orbs- We encountered many orbs. The first time we did the investigations. The house was sealed shut, due to Hurricane Frances. Yes, we did the investigation a day before Hurricane Frances hit Florida. The house had metal all over the windows, it was like being in a can. These orbs we've encountered were intelligent as well. Hovering over our heads, moving up the stairwell, moving in between us as we investigated. Some of them would pair up, or line up. It was surreal how the orbs would sort of line up for pictures or hover around us, want to see what we were up to.
  • Strange Photos- These are of shadows and what we call ectoplasm. The shadow of a man in a suit was found in the window in the upstairs sewing room. Ectoplasm was found in a picture while Mark Lewis took this as he sense the presence of an entity coming towards us.
  • Video- Sad to say, no video evidence was produced. Lighting conditions were bad and we didn't have infrared camera. It may be a good investment for us to get them, maybe for future investigations.


Click to our evidence page for detail looks of what we got.

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