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Haunted Key West Ghost Tour

The Marrero Guest Mansion
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The Marrero Guest Mansion

The Marrero Guest House
            This Victorian home was once the home of Enriquetta's, the resident ghost that still haunts the property. She was evicted from her beloved home to a bigomist husband (Francisco) that forgot to tell her that he was married to a woman in his home land of Cuba. Upon his death, his first wife found out about the estate in Key West. Came to the Island with lawyers and Enriquetta was banished out of her home with her two children. She laid a promise, that as long as she lived, that that house was hers, in spirit as well. And so it is in death.
             This house has been covered by the Travel Channel and the History Channel's Haunted History series.  It's now a Bed and Breakfast. If Enriquetta doesn't like you, the chandelier in the hallway will sway back and fourth. If this occurs, it's sure that you won't stay the night.  If you stay in her room, you might get a visit from her, looking for her brush to get ready for bed or sitting at the edge of your bed. The smell of her Lavender perfume is a sure sign that she about.
              Make your reservation for a ghostly encounter ahead of time, it's a popular spot, close to Duvall Street and all the hussle and bussle of Key West Night life.


As Darlene tells us, "Eriquetta says...."you've witness a great injustice Today. And though you are removing me from my home, you should know that this house is rightfully mine; and as God as my witness, I will always remain in here in Spirit!".


"....As God as my witness....."
And so the Spirit lives on in the Marrero Guest House.

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