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Haunted Key West Ghost Tour

The Marrero Guest Mansion
The Artist House/Robert the Doll
The Audubon House/ Captain Geiger Home
Other Haunts of Key West
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The Artist House/Robert the Doll

The Artists House and Robert the magical doll.

The Artist House
Artists House.jpg
The house of Robert, the monkey faced enchanted doll.

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The Turrent Room
Robert's Room.jpg
Roberts room.


Key's West Original Ghost Tour
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Robert the enchanted Doll.
     The house was owned by a set of artist. Gene and Anne Otto, who were madly in love, but Anne noticed that Gene would get rather dependent on his doll from his childhood. Some say it was a Voodoo cursed, place on the doll before his Grandfather gave it to the young Gene.
     Gene would blame Robert for many of the mischief things that happened in the house. Anne thought he was going mad, till one day she witness the Glare at her.
As Anne grown tired of craziness of the doll and the house, Gene built a special room for Robert. It's the Turret Room on the top of house. Noises of something moving about the room would occur and neighborhood boys would see the doll peer out of the windows from time to time.
      Current owners of the house found the doll in the Turrent Room. The funny things would happen to them as well. Workers would notice the doll move from one area to another. Eventually the museum of Key West heard of the enchanted doll and gave Robert a new home.

The Haunted
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